Ericka is one of our dedicated kennel staff at Virgin Valley Veterinary Hospital.

She makes sure that your pet is well fed, properly exercised and kept comfortable while staying in our kennel facilities. She attended Beaver Dam High School and has 4 children: Leslie, Lesset, Yesenia, and Erika.

Elvira Figueroa, Kennel Supervisor

Elvira is our new Kennel Supervisor at Virgin Valley Veterinary Hospital. She attended high school in Mexico, and has experience as a caregiver. Elvira is the proud parent of two boys and one girl; she has one son-in-law, one daughter-in-law, and three grandbabies. Elvira’s pet family includes three grand-dogs, Sara, Coco, and Max.

Nagelly Lopez, Kennel Staff

Nagelly is a new member of our Kennel Staff. She graduated from Beaver Dam High School. Nagelly is the middle child of four sisters and one brother. Her pet family includes two dogs, Luna, a shiba inu, and Anastasia, a golden mix.

Ember Grimshaw, Kennel Staff

Ember is new to the Virgin Valley Veterinary Hospital family. She was home-schooled and attended classes through Nevada Virtual Academy. Ember gained experience grooming and bathing pets while working for her mom’s private business.

Ember is the youngest of her three brothers, and five sisters. She has 17 nieces and nephews. Ember’s pet family includes her “baby” Zuko, a chihuahua, Aspen, a springer spaniel, and Ramzie, a chorgi.